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​​The Roasting House

About Us

At The Roasting House, we believe that life is too short to drink poor quality coffee.  We micro-roast our coffee in small batches to ensure  the freshest coffee possible.  Our  green coffee roasting profiles are selected  to maximize the experience in the cup by highlighting the coffee's best attributes. 

The Roasting House packages its freshly roasted coffee in sealed coffee tins. This technique assures 100% protection from oxygen, light and moisture and provides a longer shelf life. Roasted coffee stays remarkably fresh and delicious so don't hesitate to stock up on your favorite roast and enjoy the flavors of the Comstock for months to come.

​The first coffee roaster in Virginia City, Abel Laigneau , packaged his beans in tins for miners and townsfolk during the booming 1800's. We are proud to carry on this tradition and know you will enjoy giving our attractive tins to all the coffee lovers on your shopping list!

Thanks for shopping and enjoying the same passion for great coffee as we do!


The Roasting House.